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Tarafeni Barrage, Belpahari

Tarafeni Barrage under Belpahari Gram Panchayat is another attractive place where public get enthralled at the sight of impetuous sway of the river currents against the rocky boulders, particularly during rainy season. It is the place where the visitors gaze on the meandering currents of the river criss-crossing the zig-zag paths. This barrage is an important source of providing drinking water to thousands of the people in the area. Tarafeni river receives its share of water mainly from Mukutmonipur Dam. Its beauty becomes all the more sparkling when the Barrage releases surplus water from the channels and the dancing and leaping currents of water leave one wondering at the marvels of nature. It is at a distance of nearly 5 k.m. from Belpahari.