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Kankrajhore, Belpahari

Kankrajhore enveloped by verdant forest and amazing skyline leaves one mesmerised by the sheer chastity of nature’s elegance. Kankrajhore, 25 K.M. away from Belpahari allures visitors by its abundant growth of woods and undulating hilly terrain. Mazy paths criss-crossing wild greenery leading to Kankrajhore is something one can cherish forever. Kankrajhore is also a familiar haunt for those who want to familiarize themselves with the unique and interesting facets of tribal lives. The teeming populace of tribals engaged in their household chores offer the visitors a rare opportunity to have a first-hand insight into the rich cultural heritage of the tribal community. Droves of visitors have the lure of staying with the local tribals in their well-carved houses sharing their staple diet and indulging in their folklores.