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MGNREGA Important orders and circulars


Date Memo No. Important Orders and Circulars
   03.05.2017          2414   TRANSFER POLICY OF NREGA EMPLOYEES
 05.07.2017  3449(23)Rd/O/NREGA/18S-03/09  Issue of Fake Job Card
  05.07.2017  3451/RD/P/NREGA/18-M/07 Work Completion in MGNREGA
 06.07.2017  3463(23)RD/O/MGNREGA/18M-07/10  Compensation for Delayed Payment
  06.07.2017  3467(25)-RD/P/MGNREGA/18M-02/07  Mapping of Manual casual Labour(MCL) and issuing Job Cards to MCL
  06.07.2017  3472(25)/RD/O/MGNREGS/18M-02/14  Conversion of all Joint Accounts to Single Accounts.
  06.07.2017  3473(25)/RD/O/MGNREGA/18M-01/16  Issue of Fixed asset Register(FAR) and 7(Seven) Essential Registers to be maintained by PIAs
  06.07.2017  3475-RD/O/NREGA/18M-02/14  Calendar for conducting 2nd phase Aadhar seeding Camp and Sharing Bank Consent.